Wala11 System


The Wala11 System is a square 1 foot x 1 foot LED light that is a money-saving and energy-efficient replacement for fluorescent ceiling lights.  The 1’ x 1’ LED lighting system can be recessed, flush-mounted or suspended on ceilings and walls.  Revolutionary technology allows a single light to vary between bright natural daylight (6500 Kelvin) and warm light (2200 Kelvin) and lights are dimmable to any brightness level along the spectrum.

WalaLight 1’ x 1’ LED lights provide over 100,000 hours of glare-free light, saving substantial money on labor costs and up to 50% on energy costs as compared to fluorescent tubes and bulbs.  They are designed for use in commercial applications, with research showing that they can enhance productivity, behaviors and health.  The Kelvin-changing lights can be individually operated by remote control, allowing for varied brightness by user, location or application.

Our award-winning Walalights have been shown to create ideal indoor circadian lighting environments that can improve health, behavior and productivity levels.

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Kelvin & Dimming Variable Edge lit Zero glare LED Panel



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Wala 11 System



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