Billboard LED Lighting Solutions


uSaveLED offers a wide selection of LED billboard lighting solutions, including new LED billboard lighting fixtures as well as LED bulb retrofits for existing fixtures. Our LED billboard lights and fixtures can reduce electricity consumption by up to 80% over traditional options while greatly reducing the costs associated with lighting maintenance due to the long lifespan of the products. Our billboard lights also come in a range of Kelvin temperatures (colors) to meet your specific LED billboard lighting needs.

It’s important for billboards to stay lit when the sun goes down or advertisers will have reason to complain. However, many billboards are situated in out-of-the-way rural locations or difficult-to-reach urban locations, making it difficult to access billboards on a frequent basis in order to change burned out bulbs or perform other types of maintenance. The good news is that the extremely  long life of our LED billboard lighting fixtures and bulbs (ten years or more!) greatly reduces the need for billboard lighting maintenance, reducing labor costs in addition to diminishing costs associated with purchasing replacement bulbs.

Our LED lighting specialists are happy to provide you with a free billboard lighting audit, complete with cost-benefit and ROI analyses, so you can better understand how you can benefit from making the switch to our LED billboard lights and/or LED retrofit bulbs for your existing billboard lighting fixtures. During our analysis, we will provide recommendations about how our LED lighting products can best be used to reduce your billboard lighting costs while keeping things bright and improving reliability.

Call (855) 672-7020 to speak to one of our LED lighting experts for more information about our billboard LED lighting options or to schedule your complimentary billboard sign lighting audit.

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