Frequently Asked Questions

I like soft light, not bright white lighting. Is this possible in LED?

LED lights are available in a wide range of colors from soft warm colors of 2,500-3,000 Kelvin temperature to bright white colors of 3,000-5,000 Kelvin temperature and to a daylight color of over 5,000 Kelvin temperature.

How do you know which replacement bulbs should be used?

We perform a bulb by bulb energy audit to determine what type of bulbs exist in your facility. We then match up the light output (lumens), the color rendering index (CRI), correlated color temperature (CCT), lumens per watt efficiency, and the products IESNA LM79-2008 report to determine the best replacement bulb. Our cut sheets (Product tab) provide you with recommended replacements.

I hear these bulbs and fixtures are expensive. What separates you from others?

We primarily retrofit your existing fixtures with UL or superior rated bulbs enabling you to reuse the fixture. We are factory direct which greatly eliminates all the middlemen thus reducing your costs. Prior to incentives and rebates, a typical project will provide up to a 40% return on your investment, which far exceeds alternative investments.

Are there government incentives?

Information regarding state and local incentives is available at We can assist you in receiving federal tax benefits, including accelerated depreciation of one year and a $0.60 per square foot IRS section 179D deduction. In some circumstances, your entire project could be free due to incentives.

Why not wait for my bulbs to burn out before performing a retrofit?

The cost to do nothing can be staggering. Besides the incentives offered, your current bulbs are burning up a massive amount of energy. We have seen energy prices in some markets increase as much as 25% in one year. New LED light bulbs could decrease your demand charges from the utility companies.

My office has many 4 bulb fluorescent fixtures. What do you offer and how much can I save?

First we determine, based on foot-candles and appropriate lighting for the tasks performed. We may be able to retrofit the existing fixture with 2-3 high-output LED tubes and provide the same quality of light. Assuming you need 4 tubes, a typical tube is 32 watts x 4 tubes per fixture = 128 watts plus a 20 watt ballast = 148 watts per fixture. Four LED frosted white tubes typically use 18 watts each x 4 tubes per fixture = 72 total watts. No ballast is needed. If your kWh rate is $0.15 and your tubes are on 60 hours per week, your existing cost is $69.26 per year versus LED at $33.70 per year. You save over 50% per fixture. You can add in the maintenance, replacement costs, and air conditioning savings, and the savings keep increasing. How many light fixtures do you have?

What do I do with my old bulbs?

We handle everything for you. We will either recycle the bulbs or donate them to a good cause.

What type of warranty comes with your products?

Our standard warranties are 3-6 years depending on products with 7 and 10 year options on select products. LED Warranty DOES NOT include labor.