Hospital LED Lighting

Hospital LED Lighting Solutions

Lighting in hospitals is crucial. uSaveLED offers a broad spectrum of energy-efficient hospital LED lighting and lighting control systems that not only save money, but provide added benefits as well. Our LED lights for hospitals and healthcare facilities can dramatically lower energy usage by up to 80% while also further reducing the load on air conditioning equipment, saving even more. Additionally, with lifespans exceeding 50,000+ hours, our hospital LED lighting, retrofit kits, and bulbs greatly lower the need for maintenance and replacement (and the associated costs), saving even more.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on lighting on a 24/7 basis. Long hours of operation result in short payback periods when these facilities switch to energy-efficient LED’s for hospitals. Hospital LED lighting is also the only lighting technology that is RoHS compliant since it does not use heavy metals such as mercury in its manufacture. This is important for hospitals and healthcare facilities, as they are required by law to reduce the use of mercury within their facilities. Furthermore, scientific studies have indicated that fluorescent lighting is detrimental to a significant portion of the population – a problem not associated with healthcare LED lighting.

We offer new hospital LED lighting fixtures and retrofits for use in hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities, including rehabilitation centers, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, medical offices and more. Choose from a variety of LED hospital lighting fixtures, including LED panel lights, tube lights, wall lights, parking lot lights and emergency lights, as well as our revolutionary WalaLight System with advanced color-changing technology that allows for a single healthcare lighting fixture to change from bright to warm light, autonomously controlling circadian rhythms.

Our experienced LED lighting experts gladly provide free lighting audits to hospitals and healthcare Nursing Home LED Lightingfacilities. Audits include detailed cost-benefit and ROI analyses, as well as recommendations for energy-efficient LED hospital lighting solutions that save money, meet hospital lighting standards, and provide added benefits. Ask one of our lighting experts about possible rebates on lighting for hospitals and healthcare facilities in your area. 

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