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uSaveLED offers LED cold storage lighting fixtures and solutions that provide substantial savings in operational budgets due to a reduction in lighting, cooling and maintenance costs. Our low heat LED lights typically use about 75% less electricity than traditional lighting. Additionally, due to the reduced heat generation by LED cold store lighting, our cold storage LED lighting fixtures and LED bulbs can reduce the load on cooling systems within cold storage areas.

High intensity discharge lights that are often used within cold storage facilities, such as metal halide lights and bulbs, generate significant amounts of heat inside cold storage facilities, placing a burden on cooling systems. Unlike these cold storage light fixtures, as well as fluorescents and other types of high intensity lights, cold storage LED lights operate efficiently at lower temperatures. We even carry LED waterproof lights for areas prone to spills. Additionally, since our LED bulbs have such as long life span (ten years or more), maintenance costs can be greatly reduced due to a diminished need for lighting maintenance and bulb replacement in hard-to-reach locations.

Below is a summary of the benefits that can be recognized by using new cold storage LED lighting fixtures and LED retrofits for existing cold storage lighting fixtures:

  • Reduction in energy costs for light operation by as much as 75%.
  • Diminished load on cooling equipment, further reducing energy consumption because      cooling systems do not have to work as hard.
  • Long life spans (ten years or more) of LED bulbs equate to a drastic reduction in the need for lighting maintenance and bulb replacement.
  • Our low heat LED lights are highly controllable using advanced control systems. They can be turned on instantly and can be easily dimmed during off hours, maximizing energy efficiency.
  • Lighting options meet OSHA and USDA requirements.

Our LED lighting specialists will gladly provide you with a free lighting audit of your cold storage facilities, analyzing your cold storage lighting requirements in relation to OSHA and USDA standards and providing you with both cost-benefit and ROI analyses. We will also provide recommendations about how our cold storage LED lighting options, including new fixtures and retrofits, can best be used to reduce your energy and maintenance costs while meeting your specific lighting needs.

Call (855) 672-7020 to speak to one of our LED lighting experts for more information about our low heat LED lights or to schedule your complimentary lighting audit.

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