Park LED and Recreation LED Lighting

uSaveLED offers a broad selection of LED outdoor lighting fixtures to meet the varied needs of parks and recreational facilities. Our energy-efficient LED park lights offer dramatic cost savings, delivering up to an 80% reduction in energy savings compared to more traditional lighting options, as well as virtually eliminating the need for maintenance and replacement due to the 50,000+ hour lifespan of our LED fixtures.

We are sensitive to the budget constraints facing many parks and recreation facilities today and offer attractive financing plans that essentially offset the cost of new LED lighting and LED retrofits through the savings reaped from reduced energy usage. Replacing traditional recreational facility and park lighting fixtures with LED outdoor lighting fixtures not only provides a means for reducing costs over the long term, but also contributes to the sustainability of our natural resources.

Our wide range of LED park lights increase the safety of visitors while also improving the overall environment through the delivery of bright, crisp and attractive light.  Whether you are looking to light up parking lots, pathways, recreational facilities or park features, we have just the type of lights you need.  Choose from a selection of LED flood lights, in-ground lights, landscape lights, street lights and stadium lights.  We also offered solar-powered LED park lighting for out-of-the-way locations not currently serviced by the electric grid.

Let our LED lighting specialists provide you with a free lighting audit, during which we will perform a cost-benefit and ROI analysis so you can see the benefits of switching to LED outdoor lighting fixtures for your park or recreational facility.  We’ll also provide you with recommendations on specific projects and products that will reap the greatest cost savings, including our DLC-approved LED lights that are eligible for local and federal rebates and incentives.

Call (855) 672-7020 to schedule your free lighting audit or to find out more about the many LED park lights we offer for parks and recreational facilities.

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