Cash-Flow-Positive Financing

When money is cheaper than energy… everyone wins.

USave LED partnered with the nation’s leading lender serving the LED market: Ascentium Capital. As a national direct lender dedicated to green energy. Ascentium Capital specializes in serving companies like yours with LED lighting finance. We are excited to extend special financing terms for your LED lighting:

  • No money down
  • Extremely competitive finance options
  • 100% financing & fast turn around


The right combination. The right solution.

USaveLED and Ascentium Capital come together to provide the capital leverage that makes your LED retrofit the right option for our environment, the future and is the fiscally responsible decision. This customized LED lighting finance package lets you take advantage of:

  • Low interest: 3-5 year loan matches cash flow (since this is not a lease you will own your LED fixtures)
  • 100% retrofit financing: experience a net positive cash flow the very first month
  • Significant savings: no large initial capital expenditure to upgrade your facilities.


Check out the savings.

In addition, you will be eligible for tax credit for LED lights, government rebates and incentives that come with the USaveLED solution.

Monthly Electric Lighting Bill

  • – Low Monthly Finance
  • + Significant Maintenance Savings
  • + Tax Credit for LED Lights, Government Rebates & Incentives
  • = Net Positive Monthly Cash Flow

Hurry! Every month delayed is a month wasting electricity and losing revenue. The USaveLED solution plus Ascentium Capital financing… good for you, good for the planet.