LED Downlight / Recessed Lighting

Recessed LED ceiling lights and replacement downlight bulbs for recessed LED lighting fixtures by uSaveLED offer substantial cost savings due to reduced electricity consumption (up to 80% compared to traditional bulbs) and the diminished need for lighting maintenance and replacement.

We offer a full range of downlight LED retrofits for incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, as well as new recessed LED lighting fixtures, retrofit LED recessed light fixtures and LED flat panel fixtures that fit typical recessed light sizes and lend a modern look in offices, retail establishments, healthcare facilities, churches, synagogues, educational buildings and more. Our LED downlight bulbs include PARs, MR, GU and tubes in a range of Kelvin (color) temperatures and angles of illumination. Bulbs carry 3 – 5 year warranties, are designed to meet various testing agency requirements (e.g. Energy Star, UL, CE and RoHS) and contain no mercury.

For more information about our LED downlight bulbs and LED downlight fixtures, or to order any of the recessed LED lighting fixtures and bulbs shown below, call (855) 672-7020 to speak to one of our LED lighting experts. We offer free commercial lighting audits, including cost-benefit and return-on-investment analyses, and will provide recommendations for the best LED recessed lighting options to meet your needs.

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