Museum LED Lighting Solutions

uSaveLED offers a vast array of LED museum lighting and gallery lighting options, including new LED light fixtures as well as LED bulbs and retrofits. Choose from high-quality LED MR, PAR and GU bulbs, as well as LED gallery track lighting, panel lighting, and recessed lighting in a variety of Kelvin temperatures, with differing angles of light dispersion (from spot to flood equivalent). Our LED gallery lighting fixtures have high Color Rendering Index (CRI) ratings and our advanced lighting control technology provides the unprecedented ability to control the timing, intensity and color of LED lights.

Museums have unique lighting needs and often rely on very specific lighting parameters to enhance the viewing of specific objects as well as the overall experience for patrons. Our LED museum lighting fixtures provide the varied options required by museums while offering substantial cost savings over the long term. LED museum and art gallery lighting systems can reduce energy consumption by as much as 80% compared to traditional lighting options. Additionally, our museum LED lighting generates substantially less heat than traditional lighting, reducing the load on air conditioning systems and causing no potential harm to museum artifacts. Select LED gallery lighting fixtures can also remove undesirable light spectrum, which is potentially harmful to art. Since our LED bulbs, fixtures and retrofits last ten years or longer, the need for maintenance and replacement is also dramatically reduced.

Our LED lighting experts offer free lighting audits to evaluate your lighting needs and provide you with detailed information on how you can benefit from switching to our LED gallery lighting fixtures. If a museum refurbishment is planned, our lighting engineer can participate in the design stage to help assure the best art gallery lighting LED solutions are considered early in the project. We can also assist with finding possible lighting rebates in your area and will provide you with recommendations for LED museum lighting retrofits for existing fixtures that will help save you money and will enhance the museum experience. Lighting audits include cost-benefit and ROI analyses.

Call (855) 672-7020 to speak with one of our LED lighting professionals about our LED art gallery lighting fixtures or to schedule your complimentary lighting audit to see which LED museum/art gallery track lighting systems are best for you.

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