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uSaveLED offers LED grocery store lighting solutions to meet the varied needs of the grocery industry. Our energy-saving 

grocery and convenience store led lighting fixtures and bulbs, including LED light tubes, panel lights, low bay lights, emergency lights and parking lot lights, are well-suited to all sectors of the grocery industry, including retail stores, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities, and offer substantial long-term savings resulting from reduced energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

Grocery and convenience store LED lighting requirements are particularly demanding. Grocers regularly struggle with lighting various aspects of their establishments, such as coolers and freezers, in a way that limits heat generation and reduces condensation and fogging. Grocery store lighting also has to take into account the impact it can have on the overall shopper’s experience, as well as OSHA and USDA standards.

Our new LED grocery store lighting fixtures, convenience store LED lighting and retrofits pay for themselves through energy savings of up to 80% compared to traditional lighting options, as well as long lifespans that exceed 50,000 hours, dramatically lowering the need for maintenance or replacement. Additionally, since LED lights produce far less heat than other lighting options, they reduce the load on cooling equipment, saving you even more. Our highly-controllable LED lighting also yields superior light direction and color rendering (CRI) properties as compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting.

In a traditionally low margin industry, it’s important to consider the impact that store lighting can have on your bottom line, as well as how it can affect the commercial appeal and safety of your establishment and adherence to OSHA and USDA regulations. Our LED lighting experts offer free lighting audits, during which we will perform an in-depth energy consumption analysis and will develop detailed financial models including information on savings potential and ROI. We’ll also assist with finding possible lighting rebates in your area and will provide you with a detailed plan of grocery store lighting improvements that can generate substantial savings over the long-term.

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