Monument LED Lighting Solutions

uSaveLED offers a variety of monument LED lighting products, such as monument sign lighting and outdoor statue lighting fixtures, that provide high quality light while also saving you money. Our energy-efficient LED statue lighting includes new light fixtures, such as LED flood lights and strip lighting, as well as LED retrofits for use with existing monument lighting fixtures.

Monuments and statues often rely on focused brilliant light to provide illumination when the sun goes down, to brighten low-light environments or to add impact. Our LED monument lights and bulbs come in a selection of Kelvin temperatures (from warm white to bright daylight) and RGB color-changing options, as well as varied beam angles to provide just the type of light you need. We also offer monument and statue LED lighting that is capable of withstanding the elements outdoors, including fully-submersible fixtures that are IP67 compliant.

Our LED monument lighting offers substantial cost savings, saving you as much as 80% on energy costs compared to more traditional types of lighting. Additionally, since our LED monument lights last for ten years or more, you also reap the added benefit of dramatically reduced maintenance and replacement costs. Advanced lighting control technology provides you with added benefits, allowing you to fully control the operation of your LED lights.

Our LED lighting experts offer complimentary commercial lighting audits. During this audit, we can evaluate your monument and statue lighting needs and will provide you with detailed financial information related to making a switch to energy-efficient LED lighting, such as cost-benefit and ROI analyses. We will also assist you with finding possible monument sign lighting rebates available in your area and will offer you recommendations regarding the best LED monument lights to meet your unique needs while saving you money in the long run.

Call (855) 672-7020 to speak with one of our LED lighting professionals about the options we offer for LED monument and statue lighting or to schedule your free commercial lighting audit.

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