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Lighting in hotels and resorts can impact how guests feel about their stay. uSaveLED offers a vast selection of hotel LED lighting and resort lighting

solutions, including new LED hospitality lighting fixtures as well as LED retrofits for existing hotel light fixtures. Our LED lights serve the varied needs of hotels, motels and resorts while providing substantial cost savings. Choose from a wide variety of LED lighting options, including LED panel lights, pendant lights, tube lights, wall packs, canopy lights, parking lot lights and emergency lights, as well as LED light bulbs and retrofits. From candelabras to LED replacements for high-intensitydischarge (HID) fixtures, we offer energy-efficient solutions that make a difference.

When it comes to hotels, motels and resorts, it’s essential to provide high quality lighting for the benefit of guests and to enhance commercial appeal. At the same time, with many hotel light bulbs operated on a 24/7 basis, operational costs must be taken into consideration. Our advanced hospitality LED lighting and control systems offer superior control in terms of light intensity, Kelvin temperature (warm white to bright day light) and color rendering, providing you with high quality lighting solutions that will impress guests. Additionally, our LED hospitality lighting fixtures, retrofit kits and bulbs offer dramatic energy savings of up to 80% compared to traditional lighting options, while also reducing air conditioning load. Since our LED resort lighting products last for 50,000 hours or more, the need for maintenance or replacement is also drastically reduced.

Let our LED lighting experts perform a free lighting audit of your hotel, motel or resort facility to show you how switching to energy-efficient hotel LED lighting can substantially improve your bottom line. We’ll provide you with cost-benefit and ROI analyses, will assist with finding possible lighting rebates in your area and will provide you with a detailed plan for choosing the best LED hospitality lighting products to meet your needs.

Call (855) 672-7020 to schedule your free lighting audit or to speak with one of our LED lighting professionals about our hotel LED lighting and resort lighting solutions.

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