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uSaveLED offers numerous school LED lighting products for use in colleges and universities, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, preschools and other types of educational institutions. Our campus lighting options offer exceptional light quality (important for learning) in additional to substantial cost savings due to reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance needs.

During a time of ever-tightening budgets in schools and educational campuses, we offer school LED lighting options that can save up to 80% on energy usage over traditional light technologies, while also reducing the load on air conditioning systems due to lower heat generation by the lights, further diminishing energy costs. Our RoHS compliant LED campus lighting fixtures also have a long life span (ten years or more),  drastically reducing maintenance costs related to lighting maintenance and bulb replacement.

We provide attractive financing options on our LED lighting for schools that result in an immediate positive cash flow (energy savings exceeds payments) for budget-constrained educational institutions. Due to the vast energy savings realized from our school LED lighting products, we can offer leases with payments that are less than the guaranteed monthly savings in electricity costs generated by the switch to more efficient LED lighting, with short payback periods.

Scientific studies have shown that a significant percentage of the population is negatively affected by fluorescent lighting, an issue that is eliminated through the use of RoHS compliant LED lights. Our campus lighting products come in a wide range of Kelvin temperatures (colors), from warm white to natural daylight, providing students and faculty with the light they need to create positive learning environments. Our LED lights are also highly programmable, so they can be turned on and off or dimmed with ease.

Choose from a selection of new LED light fixtures for educational facilities, including recessed lights, ceiling mounts, downlights, emergency lights, track lights, tube lights and wall packs, as well as LED retrofits that can transform your existing campus lighting to reap the benefits of LED lighting technology. All of our lighting products are RoHS compliant, meaning that unlike the traditional lighting that may currently be in your school, LEDs contain no mercury or other heavy metals.

Our LED lighting specialists will gladly provide your school, campus or educational facility with a free lighting audit to determine lighting needs and provide you with cost-benefit and ROI analyses. We will also provide recommendations about which of our RoHS compliant LED campus lighting options will best meet your lighting needs while providing budget-friendly energy and maintenance cost savings. During the audit, our lighting experts can show you how you can instantly enjoy a positive cash flow due to our attractive financing plans.

Call (855) 672-7020 to speak to one of our LED lighting experts for more information about our RoHS compliant LED campus lighting options or to schedule your complimentary lighting audit.

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