Warehouse LED Lighting Solutions

When it comes to LED warehouse light fixtures, uSaveLED has just what you need. We offer energy-efficient warehouse LED lighting that reduces energy consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional warehouse lighting.  This reduction in energy usage is further compounded by the reduced burden that LED warehouse lights place on climate control systems, saving you even more. Additionally, with lifespans exceeding 50,000 hours of operation, LED lighting solutions for warehouses dramatically reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Warehouses have extensive lighting needs and must remain compliant with OSHA and other standards. Our LED warehouse light fixtures and retrofits allow you to provide the bright quality light you need while reducing the operational costs of your facilities.  In addition to the lower electricity consumption required by LED bulbs compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, our warehouse LED lighting fixtures have advanced LED lighting control systems which offer you the opportunity to further reduce energy usage through easily-programmable operational parameters.

Choose from our wide selection of high bay and low bay lighting, as well as wall packs.  We also offer other types of warehouse LED lighting needed for the safe and efficient operation of warehouse facilities, such as LED emergency lights, parking lot /street lights and tube lights. In addition to new warehouse LED lighting, we have LED retrofits available, allowing you to adapt your existing warehouse lighting so you can use LED retrofit-kits and enjoy dramatic cost savings.

Our LED lighting specialists will gladly provide you with a free lighting audit of your warehouse facility to help you better determine how LED warehouse light fixtures can benefit you.  During this audit, you will receive cost-benefit and ROI analyses, as well as recommendations on the best warehouse lighting LED options to meet the needs of your warehouse space.  We’ll assist you with finding possible lighting rebates in your area, will ensure compliance with OSHA and other standards, and will provide you with information about our attractive financing program.

Call (855) 672-7020 to schedule your free warehouse lighting audit or to speak with one of our LED lighting experts about the benefits of our warehouse LED lighting solutions.

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