Sign LED Lighting Solutions

uSaveLED offers a broad range of LED lights for signs to meet the varied needs of interior and exterior signs.  Our LED sign lighting retrofits and bulbs make it possible for your existing sign lighting fixtures to operate in a more energy-efficient manner

by utilizing energy-efficient LED bulbs and industrial LED lighting, saving you money while offering superior light quality.  We also offer new LED sign lighting, including panel lights and emergency LED lights, as well as flood lights and strip lights that can light up and draw attention to existing signs.

LED sign lighting fixtures can deliver electricity savings of up to 80% compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Additionally, if LED lighting for signs are used indoors, the reduced heat generation from LED lights results in a lower burden on air conditioning systems that further lowers energy costs.  Maintenance and replacement costs are also dramatically diminished as a result of LED lifespans exceeding 50,000 hours of operation.  In addition to saving you money, this can be especially useful since replacing light bulbs in and around hard-to-reach signs can be a burdensome task.

Our LED sign lights and bulbs are available in a wide range of Kelvin temperatures, ranging from warm light to bright light, and also come in varied beam angles.  We also offer sign LED lighting that is capable of withstanding the elements, including fully-submersible bulbs that are IP67 compliant.  In addition to LED fixtures, retrofits and bulbs for signs of all kinds, many of our LED lights for signs come with advanced control system technology, making it easy to change light color, intensity and timing of operation.

The LED lighting specialists of uSaveLED offer complimentary commercial lighting audits and will provide information about costs vs. benefits and the return on investment associated with making the switch to new or retrofit LED lights for signs. We’ll also provide recommendations on the types of LED sign lighting that will best suit your needs.

Call (855) 672-7020 to schedule your free commercial lighting audit or to speak with one of our LED lighting experts about our selection of LED sign lighting.

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