Terrell County ISD Upgrade Six-Man Football Field with LED Stadium Lights


Terrell County Independent School District has upgraded the lighting for their six-man football field from their old 1500-Watt Metal Halide Flood Lights to New State-of-the-Art 300-Watt LED Stadium Lights (USFLLW300WGL) by uSaveLED. Featuring extreme efficiency of over 150 Lumens per Watt, these 45,000+ Lumen LED Stadium Lights are providing the School District with brighter, clearer, more directed, and significantly more even lighting coverage (eliminating all dark spots and hot spots on the field) all while consuming less than 20% of the energy consumed by their old lights. With longer than 50,000 hour rated lifetime, Terrell County ISD can expect their new LED Stadium Lights to be maintenance free for over 15 Years!

Taking Advantage of the Custom Photometric Lighting Design Program by uSaveLED, Terrell County ISD was able to purchase their lighting with 100% confidence that they were getting exactly what they needed to properly illuminate their football field without having any unnecessary spending on higher wattage or extra lights.

Sam Magallan, Director of School Operations for Terrell County Independent School District proudly states: “I would like to thank the staff at uSaveLED in helping with our project at Terrell County ISD. Your product knowledge, guidance, and professionalism made for a positive experience from beginning to end. We are very proud of our facilities and I appreciate the time and effort it took on your end to help match us up with the perfect product.”

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