LED Wall Sconces

LED Wall Sconce lighting by uSaveLED can reduce electricity consumption by as much as 85% over traditional fluorescent and incandescent lighting and can further lower energy usage by reducing air conditioning load due to less heat generation from the LED lights.

Additional savings can be recognized as a result of the virtual elimination of lighting maintenance and replacement for ten years due to the long-life span of our LED lighting. uSaveLED offers a variety of Americans with Disabilities Act Compliant LED Wall Sconce solutions. All our LED Wall Sconce lighting fixtures contain no mercury.

For more information about our new LED Wall Sconce lights or to order any of the LED fixtures shown below, call (855) 672-7020 to speak to one of our LED lighting experts. We offer free commercial lighting audits that include a cost-benefit and return-on-investment analysis so we can recommend the best LED fixtures to meet your needs. uSaveLED offers Design Light Consortium (DLC), Energy Star, UL, and ETL approved LED Lights for local and federal rebates and incentives.

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