Landlord’s Little Secret – Financing option

By now you know that changing your property’s lighting to LED saves electricity, maintenance costs, much longer life and reduces your air conditioning bill. The quality of LED lighting is far superior to your existing lighting. But how about the LED light cost? Yes, LED is considered an appliance where old lighting is a disposable. Do you remember buying the large screen TV for $5,000 years ago? You aren’t going to be that sucker again!

uSaveLED has a LED lighting financing program that you and your tenants will love.

Here’s how it works:

  •  Cost of LED project: $100,000
  • Annual Energy Savings: $33,000
  • Annual R.O.I.: 33%
  • Payback period: 3 years

The “secret” is in the LED lighting financing. We offer a lease with a $1.00 buyout at the end. There is no personal or corporate guaranty, only a UCC on the products. It will be positive cash flow from day one.

Here’s the results:

  •  Amount Financed: $100,000
  • Monthly payment: $2,413.00 (interest rate depends on credit rating)
  • Term: 4 years
  •  Annual Energy Savings: $33,000
  • Annual Lease Payment: $28,956
  • Annual Savings: $4,044

The outcomes are:

 Tenant: Winner! Happy because the property now has new state of the art quality LED lighting and their C.A.M. expenses have been reduced ($4,044).

 Landlord: Winner! Happy because tenants are paying for the LED upgrade 100%. Good lighting helps retain tenants and attracts new tenants, increasing the property value plus saves money, energy and our planet.

 uSave LED handles all arrangements for this transaction. Call the LED lighting experts and start saving on LED light costs.