uSaveLED’s Chief Technology Officer Authors White Paper About Impact Of Artificial Light On Elder Wellness

The Chief Technology Officer of uSaveLED and inventor of the award-winning WalaLight System, Rodney Smith, recently authored a white paper about the beneficial effects of artificial light on elder wellness that is being distributed by the LINK Conference.

The white paper, titled “Promoting Elder Wellness with Artificial Light”, explains in detail the effect that light has on the endocrine system of humans and also describes the resulting impact that artificial light can have on the elderly, especially those who do not get enough exposure to natural sunlight.  As explained in the paper, this lack of exposure can result in issues with mental and physical well-being due to abnormal hormonal secretion.  Matters can be made worse by the fact that by the age of 75, there is typically a 75% reduction in the amount of light that passes through the lens of the eye.

Fortunately, according to Smith, LED lighting allows for better control of light as it is emitted across the light spectrum.  In the case of the award-winning WalaLight System, bright white and warm diodes in a single light fixture make it possible to vary and control the type of light emitted at different times during the day, mimicking exposure to natural outdoor light.  For example, bright white light can be delivered in the morning and warmer light in the evening.  This type of variable LED lighting offers a host of benefits, especially to those who spend most or all of their time indoors, such as individuals in eldercare or long-term care facilities.

The mission of the LINK Conference is to accelerate productivity and innovation through meaningful partner relationships in the context of senior living and long term care facilities.  The revolutionary WalaLight System was the winner of LINK’s 2014 Innovation Competition, a competition celebrating unique and innovative new products and services in the long-term care and senior living space.

The complete white paper “Promoting Elder Wellness with Artificial Light” can be viewed by clicking on the PDF icon below.Walalight_Elder-Wellness-and-Artificial-Light-1.pdf