uSaveLED Takes Steps To Offset Carbon Footprint

lampuSaveLED, a leading supplier of environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient LED light bulbs and lighting fixtures, is proud to announce that it has taken steps to offset its carbon footprint through a donation to the Foundation. The 501 (c)(3) charitable organization helps to fight global warming by supporting carbon reduction projects worldwide, including those related to renewable energy, methane destruction, energy efficiency and forestry.

uSaveLED’s donation will effectively reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 36 tons of CO2 emissions. The environmentally responsible company joins over three-quarters of a million individuals and businesses that have also committed to help fight climate change and reduce their carbon footprint by supporting’s efforts. uSaveLED find themselves in good company among a list of businesses both large and small that are doing their part to support a clean energy, low-carbon future.

In addition to offsetting their carbon footprint through a donation that will help to reduce CO2 emissions and fight global warming, uSaveLED’s corporate offices are also committed to protecting the environment through their everyday business practices. The LED lighting supplier naturally utilizes LED lights and LED bulbs for 100% of their lighting needs within their offices. Additionally, the environmentally conscious company has created a work environment that results in minimal commuting for employees and also strives to keep the office as paperless as possible.

uSaveLED helps to support environmentally-friendly business practices for commercial facilities nationwide through the use of long-lasting, energy-saving LED lighting products. The company not only sells some of the best LED light bulbs, LED light fixtures and LED retrofits in the industry but also offers complimentary lighting audits of commercial facilities, designed to provide businesses with the information they need to make the switch to eco-friendly LED lighting. During uSaveLED’s lighting audits, LED experts provide cost-benefit and return-on-investment analyses in order to show businesses of all sizes how they can save money on energy, maintenance and replacement costs while doing something good for the environment.

The decision to purchase credits to offset their carbon footprint is an indication of the company’s steadfast commitment to protecting the environment through green business practices. uSaveLED is truly a company that practices what it preaches when it comes to environmental consciousness.

For more information about uSaveLED’s carbon footprint reduction or to find out how your business can make the switch to environmentally-friendly, long-lasting and energy-saving LED lighting, call uSaveLED toll-free at 855-672-7020.

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