USaveLED’s First Place Win for their WalaLight System in the Lincoln Healthcare Innovation Competition Crosses Times Square Newswire

USaveLED is proud to be the recipient of the Innovation Award at the 2014 Lincoln Healthcare LINK Long-Term Care and Senior Living Conference as a result of their development of the WalaLight System. They are equally excited about the buzz their win is causing, with word of their first place Innovation Competition win even crossing the Times Square newswire in New York City!

uSave LED's WalaLight Win Award, Times Square

WalaLight, a revolutionary lighting system incorporating smart Kelvin-changing LED lighting technology and controls, was recently chosen as the first place finisher during the annual Innovation Competition of the elder care conference in Chicago. WalaLight was created by USaveLED, an expert in the field of LED lighting for commercial applications.

The Innovation Award won by WalaLight was a significant endorsement by the elder care industry, with the lighting system beating out over 50+ competitors, many of whom are premier providers of goods and services within the industry. WalaLight’s system allows for a single fixture to provide light varying in color across the spectrum, from bright sunlight to warm yellow light, with just the touch of a button. This innovative technology allows the ambient lighting system to mimic exposure to natural sunlight and darkness that is often lacking in elder care living facilities.

Recent brain research has shown that a lack of exposure to natural light can have a significant impact on health and behaviors due to light’s effect on the secretion of hormones that control key brain and body functioning. The lack of natural light exposure experienced in elder care facilities can impact everything from pulse rate and blood pressure to circadian rhythms.

Although judges of the competition may have been impressed by the health benefits offered by the neo-natural light of the WalaLight System, equally impressive is the significant cost savings provided by the lights. Electricity usage is significantly lower for the LED lights than traditional lighting options, and due to a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours, there is also a dramatic reduction in the need for maintenance or replacement.