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uSaveLED’s Wala14 Circadian Rhythm Light System is a 1’ x 4’ rectangular LED light that makes it possible for a single light to vary brightness levels from natural daylight (6500 Kelvin) to warm relaxing light (2200 Kelvin) with just the touch of a button. Our rectangular Wala14 Systems are the perfect LED lights for health to replace traditional fluorescent tube lights. The Wala14 system can also be installed like regular suspended or flush-mounted lighting fixtures.

Award-winning Walalights, with revolutionary smart color-changing technology, create indoor lighting environments that mimic natural daylight and darkness, which can improve health, behavior and productivity. These circadian rhythm lights can also save you money over the long term, reducing energy costs by as much as 75% compared to fluorescent tubes and virtually eliminating the need for lighting maintenance (lifespan: 50,000+ hours). For more information about our LED lights for health or to order our LED Wala14 System, call (855) 672-7020 to speak to one of our LED lighting experts. We offer free commercial lighting audits that will help you determine if the Wala14 System is right for you.

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Kelvin & Dimming Variable Edge lit Zero glare LED Panel



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Wala 14 system



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