Wala22 System


The Wala22 System is a 2 foot x 2 foot square LED lights that is an energy efficient and money-saving replacement for fluorescent ceiling lights.  The 2’ x 2’ LED lighting system allows a single light to vary between bright natural daylight (6500 Kelvin) and warm light (2200 Kelvin) and is dimmable to any brightness level along the spectrum.

WalaLight 2’ x 2’ LED lights provide over 100,000 hours of glare-free light, saving substantial money on labor costs as compared to fluorescent tubes and bulbs, as well as providing up to 50% savings in energy costs.  The Kelvin-changing lights can be individually operated by remote control, allowing for varied brightness by user, location or application.  Designed for use in commercial applications, research has shown that the square LED lights can enhance productivity, behaviors and health.  The lights can be recessed, flush-mounted or suspended on ceilings or walls.

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Kelvin & Dimming Variable Edge lit Zero glare LED Panel



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Wala 22 System



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